How I Planned a Wedding in 6 WEEKS!

Once upon a time, a force of women came together to plan a wedding in 6 WEEKS!

So this might not be a fairy tale, but that is one heck of an opening, am I right?!

Planning a wedding in 6 weeks isn’t necessarily something that is common or heard of. PERIOD. Creating a day that will last for a lifetime of memories usually takes about 8 months or longer to plan. But my story is a pretty fantastic one if you ask me as well as one of the exceptions of how a gorgeous July day became the day I said “I do” to my best friend.

Let me tell you the background story and maybe this will help put everything into focus.

Jordan had been stationed in Texas for about 6 weeks and was half way done with his stent there before being transitioned to Washington state- which was a HUGE shock to us that he wouldn’t remain at Fort Sam Houston for the year to finish his training. I knew I wanted to be with that man forever and he knew he wanted to be with me. So why not get married and spend a year together away in Washington where our marriage could really start and grow?

Well due to circumstances, he called my mama and asked for my parents blessing. When she hung up the phone, she smiled and looked at me and said “well baby, we got a lot of work to do” and in that moment I knew exactly what was about to go down.

We were going to plan a wedding in 6 weeks!

Now let me tell you I had a team of SUPERWOMEN who made my wedding dreams a reality and I definitely could not have done it if it weren’t for my mother, my soon to be mother in law, my AMAZING grandmothers (who are both like Martha Stewart on crack in the best way), and an aunt who would create the most stunning centerpieces I could have ever imagined.

Our wedding date would be July 17 and held at a place where I grew up, my Memee and Pappy’s backyard. It was going to be intimate and our colors were white, silver, and ALL THE PURPLE WE COULD FIND! In 6 weeks all the other details would fall into place.


If I could give ONE piece of advice to any bride, it would be:

Pick a team you can trust and delegate tasks to because they will reign you in and help you focus during crunch time. It relieves pressure and you know those people will do whatever it takes to make sure your day is perfect and take care of some things that could-for serious-stress any bride out.

But I would recommend 6 weeks of planning for this reason alone:

Once the decision is made, you can’t go back and change your mind! You make that choice and you move on to the next task. You also LIMIT YOUR SPENDING which nowadays is a big stinking deal. Some people spend as much as a down payment on their house for a wedding. Not everyone has that extra cash laying around- myself included. But my family was an amazing source of encouragement and organization. So let me break down how everything worked out.

Whenever my mom, grandmothers, and I found out we had exactly 6 weeks to get our poop in a group for this wedding, the first thing we did was go to my Memee’s kitchen table, ordered pizza and started making a list of to do’s and decisions that need to be made- from buying a dress, selecting our bridal party, what food, the whole shebang! But first thing was first, we needed to tell the family and explain our situation and how we would love for them to be in attendance for our special day. So phone calls and texts for the first week were pretty crazy- I heard everything from crying, squealing, squawking, and a lot of hilarious expletives. From who we told, our wedding day was going to be flipping AMAZING! But that was just step number one.

  • The location was easy- it would be my grandparents’ backyard.
  • The officiant was non-negotiable. That beyond a shadow of a doubt would be Jordan’s grandfather
  • And if you know anything about me, the food needed to have mashed potatoes sprinkled in there somewhere.
  • We ordered invitations and sent them out (praise the good Lord for Vistaprint)- 60 guests MAX! When you have large families and lots of friends, there will be a lot of apologies because of our limited time and guest list, but we would have a cook out for everyone to come celebrate with us later.


What about a dress? A month out we were ON THE HUNT! We stopped at 2 places and found the dress that would make my heart sing and feel like a princess at Sorelle– it was literally perfect for me and had the amazing open back that I wanted. It just needed a fan under there because it was so ridiculously HOT that day!

We would have an army that would be cooking our food and it was ALL FAMILY and home made which made the menu even better. We rented tables, chairs, linens, a tent, and the china we would eat off of from local vendors- my grandma had all the connections and knew exactly who we needed to talk to.


Kelc, what about the photographers?!

Jordan pulled some strings 😉

A couple weeks before the wedding, Jordan called Josh and said “Hey buddy, well.. I have some news and a question to ask.” The men talked, Jeanette was squealing in the background and we booked the MOST RAD photographers I have ever had the chance to work with and are so extremely blessed to call these angels friends.


As each day went on, more decisions were made, crafts were being completed because I LOVE DIY, and we got closer to when Jordan and I would get married.

6 weeks went by and there was no definite engagement. We just knew we were all going to be together as the two of us exchanged vows. 48 hours before our special day, I would pick Jordan up from the airport for what would be a whirlwind of a week. He was in uniform and the first off the plane with a gorgeous bouquet of roses in hand and a gift because our anniversary was a couple weeks before. As both of us were walking to baggage claim for him to get his things, we were standing by the conveyor belt  and he turned to me and got down on one knee IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AIRPORT! Needless to say I was surprised as all get out, ugly crying and my family caught the whole dang thing on tape. Way to go Kelc, blubbering like a baby for the whole world to see! THAT was the beginning and the moment of realization that this was happening and I was marrying my best friend.

The day before the wedding we had what would be the Navy SEALS of decorating, organization and planning going on at my grandparents house. Everyone was rushing around, putting everything together, cupcakes being delivered, arbor, chairs, tents being set up, silverware being wrapped, and everyone arriving to stay at the hotel.

Those 6 weeks the women of my family would band together and create memories that would last a lifetime. I will forever be grateful for their love and time put in to one day that was absolutely perfect and everything I could have EVER wanted for a wedding. The day was nothing short of a blessing and Jordan was so stoked for baked steak and cupcakes.. haha.


It was perfect.


And that my friends is how we planned and had a wedding in 6 weeks!

  1. Amy Broadwater says:

    It was ABSOLUTELY perfect!!!

  2. Linda Headlee says:

    It was truly a labor of love for me! ♥️

  3. Panda says:

    Such a wonderful love story!!!!

  4. Dianna says:

    It couldn’t have been more beautiful. The day was unforgettable!

  5. Melody Longstreth says:

    Wonderful story! So happy for you both ❤️

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