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Jesse & Blake – A moments filled Sparrow Hill wedding

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June 21, 2023


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On a warm June day at Sparrow Hill, Jesse and Blake celebrated with their friends and family through the weekend and had one of the most moments-filled wedding days. Every detail was well thought out, every moment was enjoyed to the fullest. Please enjoy their wedding day through Josh + Jeanette’s lenses. Enjoy!

Blake started her day off with coffee with her VIPs and opened her gift from Jesse. They incorporated their sweet dog, Bagel through the day, and Bagel even wrote a sweet note to his momma on wedding day!

Instead of sharing their vows in a first look or later on, Jesse and Blake chose to write them out to each other to read ahead of time This was the sweetest thing, and you’ll see later on how much Jesse loved this moment. After Blake was all ready to go we did a “daddy first look.” Blake’s family was so filled with joy all day over their baby getting married, and this moment was no exception. After dad came in, each of Blake’s brothers came to see her as well.

After getting ready, it was ceremony time. The weather was beautiful, the perfect Sparrow Hill day.

This photo below isn’t the most photographically amazing, but it was such a sweet moment. Blake’s brother was the VIP of this day, escorting grandmas and doing literally anything else his sister needed through the day. It was so sweet to see him serving his family in this way through the day.

The way Jesse looks at Blake walking down the aisle, it was one of the best moments of the day

For their unity ceremony, Jesse and Blake chose bourbons that represented them both, and mixed them together for a “unity shot” so creative and sweet.

One of Blake’s top things when we were planning together was that she wanted to make sure to create pockets of time with just her and Jesse through the day. She was so intentional about slowing down and taking in every moment. The Sparrow Hill team brought up their signature drinks and snacks to the cottage for a private moment before their entrances and it was so so good!

We were so incredibly impressed with Blake and Jesse’s decor and planning. They were such a joy to work with and when we came in to see the reception everyone on the team had the same reaction – Jaw Dropping.

We would be wrong not to mention Blake’s dads opening speech. Clocking in at 18 minutes long, we laughed, we cried – it moved us.

After some special dances, the team went out to pull off the surprise of the evening. Blake had planned their private last dance, but Jesse added in a private hilltop dance as well! Under the guise of sunset photos, we road up the hill and as soon as they got positioned for photos our DJ Danny, started the special song Jesse had picked. It was the best moment.

We had to get some photos with Honey horse too- she was such a special part of Sparrow Hill for Blake.

DJ Danny brought the music for us and the dance floor was packed! Jesse and Blake’s friends and families kept us laughing all night long. They had a great time!

Then it was time for their private last dance.

By the time we were able to get our Josh + Jeanette photo it was after midnight, and these last moments with just the four of us were so special to us.
Blake and Jesse, it was an honor and a privilege to walk along side you on this journey. Thank you for choosing Sparrow Hill, and for choosing us! We love you!

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