At the end of September, two amazing people came together to promise each other forever under blue skies and surrounded by people that love them. It was a classic fairy tale, with lace, soft whites and princess blues and even a horse drawn carriage. Alexandra is the sweetest person. One thing I loved about her […]

Do ya’ll remember Quentin and Lauren’s mini wedding? It was an intimate and beautiful hilltop ceremony with only 8 guests. (4 of which were us from the venue!) When Covid hit, we weren’t sure what fall weddings would like. Quentin and Lauren were our first wedding back, and the first full wedding under the new […]

Deep in our drafts file on the Sparrow Hill Blog, These images from spring were hiding! The end of December seems like a great time to be reminded how beautiful this place is in the spring. The Hall is our “mini wedding” home, and holds events for up to 50 guests. From what we’ve learned […]

Emma and Julia tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in August. The second we met them we knew they would become our friends, and we were so thrilled when they decided to call Sparrow Hill their wedding venue! I think I’ll save their story until the next blog post, and I would be remiss […]

Last weekend Quentin and Lauren showed up to Sparrow Hill at 7pm with their two best friends and got married on the hilltop. Their journey here was anything but easy, and they were rewarded with the most peace-filled, beautiful ceremony of all time. Let me start by saying : “Quentin and Laurens wedding : 10 […]

Trent and Haley had their mini wedding at Sparrow Hill, and it was a beautiful day! Haley chose a photographer that was very special to her to photograph the wedding. I saw some of the images on the back of her camera and am so excited to see the full gallery! While we wait I […]

Corey and Melinda had a spring wedding planned at Sparrow Hill, and Covid messed with their plans a bit! Melinda is a farmers daughter who wasn’t giving up, and decided to push forward with our very first “mini wedding” here at The Farm! They will have a large gathering in the fall to celebrate with […]

We’ve talked a bit about things that may be a bit negative in our last few posts. Today I want to talk about something a bit more deep that we’ve learned this past week. People say that “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. ” I’d like to […]

Sparrow Hill Venue Owner Jeanette Rowley

I’m back to talk all about our failures today! We absolutely fail on a daily basis, but the past few weeks have been pretty great! We’re preparing for Todd and Melissa’s wedding this weekend, and I feel like we’re finally figuring out a flow of how our weeks will go now when we need 3 […]