Sparrow Hill’s Couples Potluck | Creating community at our northwestern PA wedding venue.

This past Sunday was one that made my heart SO FULL!


Josh and Jeanette hosted the second bridal get together, but it was more than for just the brides. I got to meet some of the amazing couples that would be saying “I do” during our 2019 season at Sparrow Hill and let me tell you there was NEVER a dull moment and the company was absolutely PHENOMENAL! I loved getting to meet everyone and it definitely made me excited for the things to come this year.


So let me tell you about the day because it was a good one- well minus the snow and having to drive home on the roads with crazy people.

Number one: THE FOOD! Yes it was as good as it looked and it was gone when everyone left. Each couple brought something from dips to salads to pies and cupcakes that make your mouth water just by looking at it. Everyone was going back for seconds even thirds!


Number two: THE ENTERTAINMENT! was definitely provided by the males. We each went around the table, introduced ourselves and everyone told their story of each proposal. It was hilarious to hear what happened from the guys’ perspective. And there were some sweet and sentimental moments when each of us got to say what our favorite thing was about our other half. No joke, some of them melted my heart and made me tear up a little bit. The sweetness factor was through the roof! Truth be told, I don’t think everyone expected for that little icebreaker to be that mushy but it was a moment that made me smile without a doubt.


THEN it was ADVENTURE TIME! We all went to the groom’s lodge and bride’s house. These couples are the ones that took the biggest chance with us and signed up for their weddings with just Josh and Jeanette’s vision to go off of.  It was a great opportunity to see how hard Josh had been working since their tour, and to give their input on decor to come in the next few months.  Those two spots on the property will probably be where some of the best memories are made and some of my favorite places to be. The love that will be shared in those spaces is going to be ridiculous!

One thing I know for a fact that we do differently than most venues is that we try our darnedest to create a sense of community among our couples and show them that those who work and operate the venue care about them and their day as if it were our own. We absolutely adore our couples because we love the friendships we have created with them.

Our hope is that not only do our couples feel like we can be friends but that they can make friends with the other couples who will be celebrating within the year at the venue. SO we provide opportunities to for each bride to meet the others. Sometimes it helps with bouncing ideas and bringing new perspectives to the table that one might not have thought about it. The bottom line is we love the thought of building relationships whether that is online or in person- the in person part is just more fun.


2019 is truly blessing us with our amazing couples that we are hosting that is FOR SURE! We are so excited for the things that are happening both being caught on camera and behind the scenes, but I can tell you this, everything that is happening is done with love and all the effort that is put in to the property is with purpose and the most heartfelt intention. Our team loves our couples. Excited is definitely the understatement of the century. For us to have our books filled for 2019 with couples who are putting their trust in us means everything. I don’t think I can express into words how much it means. Being a part of Sparrow Hill, everything that has happened there has happened because of faith, love, and a stink ton of prayer.


With all that said, I’m ending with a picture of cupcakes that will probably make you drool just a little and a heart filled with love, gratitude, and excitement. I can tell you right now you won’t want to miss what we will be doing and can guarantee you will be getting more updates and blogs from me. I’m so excited and truly blessed to be a part of the Sparrow Hill experience and create once in a lifetime events.


So who else is excited? You ready to see awesome things? Yea, so am I! So why not check us out and see what all is going down? I dare you! It will be worth it. I promise!


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