Kegan and Brooke ; First elopement wedding at Sparrow Hill!

Overlook Ceremony on Sparrow Hill

Right off the tail of an entire wedding weekend with Nick and Jackie, we had a “small, elopement” wedding day with Kegan and Brooke!
We all chuckled quite a few times at Brookes definition of “elopement” with a guest list at around 160, but they really nailed the “intimate, family oriented backyard” wedding vibe, while still having such classy decor and ending with an amazing party!

Things we loved:

  1. The overlook ceremony! Seeing it in action was so amazing.

2. The brides cottage was exactly everything we dreamed it could be!

3. Hilltop portraits. Josh took the couple and their photographers up to the tippy top and they created some incredible images.

Things we learned:

  1. It seems like a secondary note now, but we were worried about rain most of the morning. Kegan and Brooke appointed two of their bridal party to be our point people, and that was so helpful while we were making rain plans and changing tiny things. We will definitely do that more in the future! It helped us to not feel like a burden to our couple while we tried to make things perfect behind the scenes.

2. We needed a bit more parking than we thought! We made the parking area even larger the Monday after their wedding. We were thrilled that Josh’s plan to move the water away from the parking field worked so well! We had a flash flood during the reception and were completely prepared to pull people out if they got stuck in the field, but everything worked seamlessly and the field stayed generally dry.

Our favorite moments:

Josh – “For sure when Kegan came out for the garter removal with a bunch of tools. Everyone was laughing and having a good time.”

Jeanette – “My favorite part was the fireworks at the end. I headed out a bit early with blessings from Brooke, and sat on the front porch with the girls to watch the fireworks. One of them said “is this what living at a wedding place will be like every time!?” and that made my entire life.”

Amazing Vendors We Love:

DJ Craig Fenton
Photography – Ashley Sara! She was so sweet, and worked HARD for our couple! The professional photos in this post are taken by her!
Food – Catering by Rita.
Flowers – Byler’s Amish Market

Brooke and Keg, We can never thank you enough for taking a chance on us and believing in our venue! Your wedding blessed us in ways you’ll never know, and we know that your marriage will continue to be a blessing to everyone you come in contact with!

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