Corey + Melinda : A Sparrow Hill mini wedding

Corey and Melinda had a spring wedding planned at Sparrow Hill, and Covid messed with their plans a bit! Melinda is a farmers daughter who wasn’t giving up, and decided to push forward with our very first “mini wedding” here at The Farm! They will have a large gathering in the fall to celebrate with all their friends and family. Josh and I were their photographers, which made this day even more special as we got to really be by their sides the entire time and soak in the joy and the moments that make weddings so special.

The day before their wedding we had massive amounts of rain, and I was extra proud of all the work Josh put into this ceremony space that it was not muddy or wet at all the next day. I’m also thankful that after the storm comes these beautiful blue skies and cool weather.

After the ceremony and “just 5 more minutes” of portraits, we headed into the hall for a long table reception. We were able to fit 36 chairs at our 24′ long table and it was a dream come true! Corey and Melinda ordered massive amounts of Padrones pizza and had their families make pasta salad, dips and deserts. It was absolutely perfect.

Josh’s favorite part: Padrones Pizza!

Jeanette’s favorite moment: The fist pump from Corey after the ceremony! I actually missed that shot and was so upset, but Josh was right beside me and got it and I’m so glad he did!

Deb’s favorite part: “When he put the ring on the wrong hand! Wait no, when she said “I get to go home.” when we were chatting after.”

Things we learned: I don’t want to say we’re not making any mistakes, but this wedding really was amazing. I think what we learned here was that no matter if what it looks like changes, there is beauty and joy in weddings of all sizes.

For our first wedding of 2020, We’d call it a complete success!

  1. Melinda Kunselman says:

    I am so beyond thankful for everyone at sparrow hill making our wedding day so incredible!

  2. Rick Stewart says:

    The wedding was awesome! Can’t wait to be there in October!

  3. Corey Kunselman says:

    Thank you guys so much for accommodating to our wish of still getting married that day. It’s a true blessing to call The Sparrow Hill our wedding venue.

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