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Being a venue owner is hard work. It’s a whole lot of trial and error, and even though we’ve been in the wedding industry for 10 years, we are always learning. One of the things I’ve been working on this year is “failing forward.” It’s so hard to accept our failures and learn from them. It’s even harder for me to share them with others. So, in the name of Growth and transparency, I’ll be blogging about all the ways we fail at the venue, what we are learning, and how we are “failing forward” on a daily basis.

In the past few wedding’s we’ve learned a lot! This coming weekend will be our 6th wedding, and hopefully everything will go off without a hitch!

Here’s a few things that we’ve failed at so far:

  • We consulted with one of our favorite DJ’s when we were putting in the floor, and Josh installed a platform so the DJ has a spot with electricity to work. Kelcee broke her toe on the platform! (with grace! in front of all the guests!) After that, we put white tape around the edges of the DJ platform.
  • We probably don’t need to leave the tent on until midnight. When we started, we said this at our tours because we felt like we should put some sort of cap on how late Josh will stay up and be available to help. most guests have left around 10pm, and everyone who stayed for the after party enjoy the fire-pit and patio. (until 4am!) We’ve had a few parties go until 11pm, but we’ve also had a few weddings where the bride was totally done at 9:30 and Josh turned the lights up so everyone would go home and she could enjoy her after party with her closest friends.
  • Glass Edison bulbs are a bad idea. This seems self explanatory, but glass in general just seems to be a bad mix with things that need to be perfect, because glass breaks so easily!

Failure is a part of life! I’m going to continue sharing how we fail, how we succeed and what we learn through the rest of the season! I hope you enjoy reading about it.

  1. Craig Fenton says:

    You guys are doing just fine. You must fail from time to time to make your self better in the future. When you started your Photography Business 10 years ago It was a learning curve…. As will be your Venue Business. 10 years from now you can look back and giggle of all the learning experiences. Not failures…. Keep Learning
    and improving and you guys will be just fine. Keep smiling……

    Signed ,

    One of your favorite DJ’s 😉

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