Things we learned Thursday : Laundry.

I’m back to talk all about our failures today! We absolutely fail on a daily basis, but the past few weeks have been pretty great! We’re preparing for Todd and Melissa’s wedding this weekend, and I feel like we’re finally figuring out a flow of how our weeks will go now when we need 3 buildings to be completely prepped by Friday at 11am.

There is a ton of work to do through the week, We’re washing bedding for 40, plus towels for the brides cottage and grooms space.
A few weeks ago I had a bit of a break down about the sheer volume of laundry that had been put on my plate. We have four little girls, and we had a good system going to keep up with laundry for all six of us. Then we threw in washing 30 table cloths, and linens for 3 houses and it all went downhill.

Josh set to the facebook marketplace to solve my problem, and found a broken large capacity washing machine! Josh and Patrick went to pick it up, watched a few youtube videos and now we have a working washer and dryer set in the back kitchen of the Hall! Josh has taken on that task, and it’s taken a huge load of my shoulders.

At the beginning of this process, we created a small facebook (and real life) community called the Sparrow Hill “first ten” brides. They jumped on when nothing was done with the venue at all, and believed in us and our vision. We asked their opinion on things like keeping a bedroom for the groom or making the entire space open, and ceremony location ideas. We bought white linens in preparation for Adam and Katie’s all inclusive wedding, and I offered in the facebook group to our current couples that they could use them if they needed them!

I LOVE these girls, but I think that may have been a mistake! Table linens are SO MUCH work. They need spot cleaned and soaked at midnight Saturday, then washed and dried in small batches, which takes up the better part of 2 days. Then they need hung or folded, depending on the size and shape. Friday when they get set up, it takes a good 45 minutes to get everything laid on the tables!

As much as the systems and pricing may need adjusted a bit, I really do think that it is a blessing to our couples to not have to worry about linens if they don’t want to, so we will continue buying more colors, and just think through how to most efficiently store them and keep them clean!

Trey and Lindsay donated their tablecloths to the venue after their wedding! (photo credit : Josh + Jeanette Studios)

Ivory linens from Brooke and Kegan’s wedding. (photo credit : Ashley Sara Photography)

Stay tuned for next week’s installation of Things we learned Thursday! My favorite movie quote is from Meet the Robinsons. “Keep moving forward!”

  1. Jules Watson says:

    My favourite quote from that movie is “ Big head little arms” 🙂

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