Quentin + Lauren : Mini Wedding at Sparrow Hill

Last weekend Quentin and Lauren showed up to Sparrow Hill at 7pm with their two best friends and got married on the hilltop. Their journey here was anything but easy, and they were rewarded with the most peace-filled, beautiful ceremony of all time.

Let me start by saying : “Quentin and Laurens wedding : 10 out of 10 would recommend. 5 stars.

I can let the photos speak for themselves, but I would be remiss not to mention that their vows to each other were heartfelt and emotional, there was no pressure to be perfect because the only people there were Lauren, Quentin, the officiant, their two best friends, Josh & I and Deb & Kurt. I feel honestly so blessed to have been able to witness this intimate moment.

After their hilltop ceremony, we headed down for pizza and cake on the patio. They shared a first dance and a toast.

Quentin and Lauren, we loved every single second of your wedding. Thank you for choosing us!

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